Behind "Headlights on the Highway"

Hey ya'll!
My debut CD, "Headlights on the Highway", represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The whole experience from working with a producer with credentials like Charlie Craig and recording songs written by a Who's Who among songwriters in Nashville exceeded all my expectations.

I just love the song "Cowboys Never Do It That Way". It swings and shows cowboys in their best light (right where they belong). Giddyup!

Believe it or not, the first time I performed "While You Were Sleeping" was in front of a live television audience. No pressure! I had one hour to learn this song since I had just received it before I went out on the Gene William's Show. I had originally planned on singing "On the Fourth of July" which was getting considerable air play (thanks to those radio stations). During the practice runs I actually forgot the second verse. Oops. Through some creative memory techniques, I was able to get through the performance without a hitch. The response was fantastic. It is a real toe tapper. Every time I see a U-Haul I think of this song.

"Hanging on Hope" is one of my personal favorites on this album. After all, who hasn't been there? I personally like the groove of this song - it has its highs and lows in all the right places so you can get the emotional effect and meaning behind it within each verse and chorus. This song's message still gives me such a feeling of personal well-being, and I hope it provides you comfort too.

I am so honored that "I Will Be" has been endorsed by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Music has such a powerful effect on me, and I know I am not alone. I believe this song is a spring of hope where things may not be where you want them to be in your life right now - but they will be. Never give up on yourself or your dreams. This song is inspirational for me. My prayer for those of you who may be experiencing domestic violence is that you are inspired to take action and "see yesterday is gone". If you or someone you know needs help please contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

I recently visited family in Pennsylvania. It had been nearly seven years. Things change so much and life goes by so fast. We all seem to just try and keep up with the daily grind that we sometimes don't have enough time - so we 'stay off the breaks, just drive straight' and go where life may take us while still making our own waves. "Headlights On The Highway" is a very personal song for me given the meaning behind it and makes for a great title track.

"Straight to the Bone" seems to be one of everyone's favorites, and that includes people who do not normally listen to country music. I remember when we went to record it - this song was difficult because there was no 'click track' and, according to the musicians, the music seemed to have been formulated around the lead vocal. In my opinion, it gives this song a unique sound. The music starts and then stops in certain places, which provides a dynamic showcase for push notes as well as emotional highs and lows. The musicians and, in particular, Chris Latham (Engineer) did a fabulous job with this song. On a side note, my mother's friend, Shelly, had asked me to sing a capella for her while I was sitting on the couch with her. She said it was better in person. Shelly may be biased, but I certainly appreciate her kind words. Thanks Shelly.

I absolutely fell in love with "On the Fourth of July" from the moment I heard it. I like the love-lost, yet patriotic feel behind it. You can really see the story unfolding in this song which is what country music does better than any other genre in music. This song almost makes you wonder, if the man in the song hears this song on the radio, would he remember her and come back to her? By being played in over a 1,000 radio stations world-wide, "On the Fourth of July" has been a breakthrough track for me. Although it may be new to many, this song gives me a warm feeling that all the hard work over the years has not been wasted.

I cannot thank you all enough for taking a moment to read the "behind the music" excerpts I have written for you. I hope you enjoy the album and I am truly, truly grateful for all of your support. I am very much looking forward to be able to sing live for each of you!

Take care of yourselves and God Bless,